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Attorney David T. Azrin provides legal guidance to existing and start-up franchisors, as well as franchisees.
Mr. Azrin is committed to helping his clients best position themselves for ongoing success.


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Franchise Law Services

David T. Azrin, Attorney at Law, provides full franchise law services to both franchisors and franchisees. From his office in New York, he provides legal representation to people throughout the nation and across the world.

A Full Range Of Help In The Area Of Franchise Law

David T. Azrin provides comprehensive franchise law services, including those involving:

Master franchise agreements: Mr. Azrin provides assistance to both foreign and domestic franchisors in setting up master franchise agreements, enabling them to rapidly expand in large territories.

Disclosure document preparation: Mr. Azrin assists startup franchisors in preparing all necessary legal documentation, including franchise agreements, disclosure documents and registrations. He also assists established franchisors in updating and registering disclosure documents.

Disclosure document review: Mr. Azrin reviews franchise agreements and disclosure documents to provide new franchisees with legal advice about franchises that they are considering purchasing.

Registration of franchises: Some states require franchisees to register their franchisee disclosure documents and to pay an initial fee prior to offering or selling franchises in those states. Mr. Azrin can let you know whether you are subject to this requirement.

Fee structures: Franchisees make ongoing royalty payments to franchisors in order to stay in business. These fees are collected on a periodic basis, usually weekly, monthly or quarterly and are usually calculated using a percentage of sales. Mr. Azrin can help set up the structure that will work best for you.

Terminating a franchise: A franchisor must have good cause to terminate a contract with a franchisee. If a franchisee wishes to terminate or let the contract expire, it is important to ensure that all steps are followed according to the rule of law. Mr. Azrin can help both franchisors and franchisees in these matters.

Disputes and litigation: Mr. Azrin represents franchisors and franchisees in lawsuits filed in state and federal courts, as well as in arbitration proceedings and appeals.

Mr. Azrin can also help answer any questions you may have regarding franchise law, including whether purchasing a franchise is right for you and helping you understand the requirements of a franchise.

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