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Franchise Disclosure Document Review Attorney in Manhattan, New York

If you are giving serious thought to purchasing a franchise, you have probably come across a franchise disclosure document. Like most legal documents, the information contained within can feel overwhelming. It is important to seek help from a lawyer who can perform a franchise disclosure document review and provide you with the straightforward information you need to make the best decisions.

David T. Azrin, Attorney at Law, has decades of experience handling franchise law matters. He can help review your franchise disclosure document and help you understand what it means to you. From his office in New York, he represents clients across the U.S. and around the world. To speak with Mr. Azrin, call us.

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Understanding a Franchise Disclosure Document

Franchise disclosure documents contain a wealth of information that is broken down into 23 “items”. Some of the pertinent items include:

  • Information about the company

  • Any outstanding litigation matters

  • Whether your territory will be protected

  • Whether the company’s trademarks are registered

  • Other franchised outlets

  • Any contracts you will be required to sign in order to enter into a franchise agreement

The above is just a fraction of the information contained in a disclosure document which is why retaining legal counsel is so important. David T. Azrin can help guide you through the franchising process every step of the way, protecting your interests and helping to position yourself for success.

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