For businesses who want to franchise

Preparation of Franchise Disclosure Document and Franchise Agreement:

$15,000 flat fee, to be paid in three equal installments of $5,000 each, with the first payment due upon retainer, second payment due upon completion of draft documents, and third payment due upon finalizing and registering documents (if applicable).

Rate includes:

  • Detailed consultation with company concerning plans for business model, corporate structure, trademark issues, disclosure requirements, operating manual requirements, franchise fees, royalties, reporting issues, territories, state registration requirements, and financial statement requirements;
  • Detailed questionnaire for company to provide information necessary for preparation of disclosure document and franchise agreement;
  • Discussions with client concerning terms of franchise agreement and information required for disclosure document;
  • Drafting and preparation of disclosure document to comply with Federal Trade Commission (FTC) disclosure requirements;
  • Drafting and preparation of franchise agreement to govern relationship with franchisees; and
  • Revising and finalizing preparation of disclosure document and franchise agreement to incorporate client comments and revisions.
  • Registering disclosure document in home state (if applicable).

For persons thinking about buying a franchise

Franchise Disclosure Document Review and Analysis: $1,500.00

Rate includes:

  • Consultation regarding your situation and concerns;
  • Legal analysis of disclosure document and franchise agreement;
  • Memo summarizing key terms of franchise agreement, areas of potential concern, and suggested changes; and
  • Consultation to discuss key terms, legal issues, areas of concern, and suggested changes.

For all other matters, fees are billed on either an hourly or flat fee basis, as agreed with client.

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